Why are there no ‘supermarket spongebobs’?

New research has found there are fewer spongebobby sandwiches at grocery stores in the US than there were just a few years ago.

In January, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it would start enforcing a new law against the “supermarket” sandwich industry.

The agency, which regulates food products and is the world’s largest consumer protection agency, said the new law would apply to any food service that sells sandwiches in grocery stores or supermarkets. 

Food retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are the largest players in the industry.

But the FDA’s move to crack down on the sandwich industry has caused concern among food advocates and retailers.

“I’m not surprised they’re not cracking down on it, because there is nothing new,” said Pauline Zingerman, a food industry analyst for The Consumerist.

“We’re seeing it everywhere.

It’s everywhere.” 

The new law has been criticized by many consumer advocates and has been condemned by a wide range of businesses, including the Food Marketing Institute, a trade group that promotes a healthier lifestyle. 

The Food Marketing Association has also slammed the FDA for making changes to the law that have nothing to do with safety. 

“If they were to actually enforce the law, they would be doing a disservice to the millions of Americans who love the delicious spongebobo sandwich and want to be able to buy it in their local grocery store,” said Mike Vrba, the group’s president and CEO.

The FDA has also come under fire from the food industry for the way it has proposed changes to food labeling rules in the past. 

In 2015, the FDA proposed changes that would have required food labels to include “sugary or sweetened beverages” and have added more information to explain why the product was sweetened. 

However, the rules were never finalized. 

According to the FDA, the proposed changes were meant to improve transparency and reduce consumer confusion. 

But consumer groups say those changes are not enough. 

They also argue that consumers would still not know that the sandwich they bought is made with sugar and fat. 

And in March, the agency also proposed a new labeling requirement for processed foods. 

If the changes the FDA is proposing are implemented, it would make it more difficult for companies to market products that contain sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, said Sarah Eickhoff, director of food safety at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. 

There is also a concern that it could lead to a backlash against retailers like Walmart, which has been the target of food industry criticism for its lax food safety standards. 

 “When consumers are confused, they’re less likely to buy from a retailer,” said Eickhops. 

As of Thursday, the company was the No. 1 supermarket in terms of sales in the U.S. with over 8 million sandwiches sold, according to the company’s website. 

Walmart is the second largest sandwich manufacturer in the country with more than 2 million sandwiches in its supply chain, according the company.

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