Happy birthday, Bennies breakfast club

Happy birthday to Bennies, who will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2018!

The breakfast club has been around for over 100 years and it’s one of the biggest and oldest of its kind in the world!

This weekend marks the club’s 50th birthday and Bennies will be holding a birthday party for guests to enjoy at Bennies on Saturday night.

The party will include a free dinner for guests of all ages, free coffee, a Bennies gift basket, and a free Bennies tattoo to the winner.

Bennies owner, Bob O’Donnell, said Bennies birthday was an amazing occasion.

“It was a special day, it’s just so special to celebrate Bennies 50th year in business.

We’ve been around forever and it will always be special to us.”

I think we’ve always wanted to be part of Bennies history and it feels like a great day,” he said.”

We’re looking forward to the guests coming to our birthday party, we’ll have a free meal with us.

“We’ve got the birthday cake and we’ve got all the sweets and there’ll be a little gift for the winner.”

Bennies has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but O’Donnell said Bennie is not one to take anything for granted.

“For Bennies it’s always been a special place.

We love to make Bennies unique, we love to be the only Bennies in Australia,” he explained.”

The food and the service is always top-notch and we always want to do our best to provide our customers with the best service possible.”

That’s what we do every day and that’s what makes us a family, it really is.