How to save on your next meal

Calcutta Food Club, the world’s largest breakfast club, is giving you an easy way to save a few pennies on your weekly meal.

The chain of restaurants, cafes and cafes across the city has partnered with the Food Club Rewards program, offering a variety of breakfast items, such as toast, pancakes and biscuits, as well as a selection of snacks.

The first 30 members to save at least 20% of their food club bill on a meal will get free breakfast items.

Other members of the program will receive $1 off food at a select range of breakfast shops and restaurants across the country, and $1 vouchers for a range of restaurants and coffee shops.

The initiative was launched by Calcuttans to save money and to encourage more people to participate in the chain’s breakfast programs.

“We think it’s great for Calcutts, the people in the city and the country to be able to save that amount of money on a single meal,” Calcutto Food Club’s managing director, Saman Lalit, told The Hindu.

“People are waking up and thinking about eating healthier.”

Lalit said the breakfast club has helped many people save money by cutting down on their meal costs.

“It’s really easy to save $10 on a coffee.

People have been using this as a savings tool for a long time.

Now it’s a tool that people can use for a whole range of things,” he said.

The Food Club is currently offering $10 vouchers for 10% off a breakfast at a selected breakfast shop in the Mumbai metropolitan area.

The program is open to all members of Calcuttians’ breakfast club in the country.

Members of the food club will be able spend up to $1.50 on breakfast items each week, and they will be entitled to receive a voucher for a coffee shop.

The club has also partnered with a range and cafes around the country as well.

Lalith said the partnership with the food chain was also beneficial for Calbitis, as the chain had an annual revenue of $2.9 billion.

“With Calcuttan Food Club it is a huge opportunity to reach out to a new market.

We have a great network across the state, and we are looking at a range,” Lalith said.

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