Organic food club in Ontario is going viral after winning awards

Organic food clubs have won the coveted accolade of being one of the top food clubs in Ontario for the past three years.

The Ontario organic food clubs are a registered charity that meets on a quarterly basis to share information about their members.

The annual membership fee is $25 and includes the opportunity to participate in cooking classes, meet with the club’s leader, and learn about the benefits of organic food.

The club’s Facebook page boasts that the organic food community is expanding rapidly and is “becoming a major force in the food industry.”

The club has hosted events including food drives, workshops and community gatherings for about 25 years, said Mark Bremner, the club president and a former president of the Ontario Organic Food Council.

Organic food clubs meet at local community centres and have a “deep commitment to organic food and a love for food,” Brember said.

The group has a “strong presence” in Toronto, where Bremmer said it has hosted an annual fundraiser for local children’s hospitals.

Organized by Toronto-based Toronto Organics, the organic groups have grown to have more than 100 members across the province.

They are also active in the Canadian Organic Food Association, a trade association of organic producers. said they aim to help grow organic food in Canada.

The Organic Food Club of Ontario is a registered charitable organization that meets monthly to share knowledge and help grow the organic community.

(Ontario Organic Food Clubs)”We’re growing in numbers, we’re growing our membership, we’ve gained recognition, and our membership is growing at a much faster rate than what we’ve had in the past,” Bresner said.

“It’s been a very rewarding time for the club and the community.”

Organic Food Club is one of three Ontario organic charities that are recognized by the Ontario Natural Resources Agency.

The other two are the Ontario Organics Council and the Organic Food Marketing Association.

Organizers say membership is an important part of the organic movement and the group’s growing membership shows that organic food is growing.

The organization said it is “increasingly receiving support from the government to continue our work with community health and education.”

Organics Canada is the governing body for organic food, but the association is not recognized by any government entity. said its members are encouraged to share their organic recipes and information with others and to contact the organization if they have questions about the organic products they use.