How to eat at a kosher food club restaurant

A food club at the trendy Shalom market in Jerusalem’s Old City, a popular gathering place for the Israeli elite, is offering a kosher menu to guests.

The menu is being offered by the club, Yisrael HaYehudi, which operates out of the Old City’s Shalom Market.

It includes a kosher selection of dishes from around the world, including many popular brands of Israeli food.

The menu includes several dishes that have long been available in the U.S. but never before in Israel.

The menu offers an assortment of dishes that include many popular Israeli food brands, including several popular brands.

Its also been on the market for several years, as has the kosher restaurant, Al Bava.

Yisrael has been offering kosher food since 2012, when the food club opened its doors to the public.

Al Bava, the main dining venue for the elite in the Old and the new, is in the neighborhood of Safed.

The two have been at odds in the past, with Al Bavas owners threatening to shut down the club if the HaYeshudi owners were allowed to continue operating there.

But a joint statement released by HaYesrael HaBava and the club says it has no intention of closing down.

“We remain committed to the continued expansion of the HaBavas community in the West Bank, and are prepared to offer a menu to all guests,” the statement read.

Some of the popular Israeli brands, which are sold at the club and at the Al Bavias restaurant, are: Avocado, Beurrei, Chorizo, Ham and Cheese, Jalapeño, Roasted Garlic, Shrimp, Tomato, and Tomato Sauce.

Several other popular Israeli foods are also offered.

Kosher food is a kosher service for Jews living in Israel, who are required to observe certain religious laws, which include eating meat from animals and fish.

A halachic interpretation of Jewish law, which is often cited as the basis for many religious prohibitions, prohibits eating pork and other meats that are related to non-Jews.

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