Why a Buffalo restaurant is offering free ice cream at its new location

A Buffalo restaurant says it’s giving free ice creams to all patrons at its restaurant as part of its “Buffalo Ice Cream Week.”

Owner Jim Miller said he decided to offer free ice-creams to the public for the first time at his restaurant after seeing that other Buffalo restaurants around the city offer free samples.

Miller said the goal is to make the free ice pops for Buffalo residents and tourists a more popular attraction.

“We want to make it a big deal that we are giving them free ice, free samples, free free icecream,” Miller said.

“And we want to show them we care about them and the Buffalo people, the people of Buffalo.”

Miller said he started by putting a sign on the door with the word “free ice cream” and asked everyone to go into the restaurant and ask a waiter to bring them a sample.

He said he’s seen an uptick in people asking for free ice as Buffalo residents flock to the city for the ice cream festival.

Miller plans to keep the free samples available for customers to try in the future, but he hopes it will be a more common event.

“I’ve seen the feedback,” he said.

“People love free ice.

We’ve had people ask for samples.

It’s been great.”