How to get the most out of food club in the Atlantic: ‘It’s all about the people’

The Atlantic Club, which has a menu that has become iconic among New York diners, is offering free food on its three-day dining festival on June 3-5.

The Atlantic Club says it wants to share a food experience with its clients and friends, offering a “unique experience that combines the intimate feel of a traditional cocktail party with a sophisticated dining experience.”

The festival includes live music and a cocktail garden that features craft cocktails from the Atlantic Club’s own bartenders.

Food is included on all of the Atlantic’s menu items.

“It’s our mission to offer our guests a true tasting experience that they’ll want to repeat on a regular basis,” said Atlantic Club President and CEO Mark Dutkiewicz.

“Our food is all handcrafted, hand-sewn, hand cooked and prepared by hand.”

Food will be served on a buffet for up to 10 people.

Guests can also choose from cocktails made by the Atlantic club’s bar staff, including a seasonal cocktail, a traditional Margarita, a new creation by the club and a seasonal creation by Dutkeys sister bar.

A special drink menu is available on the day and at all three food stages.

A selection of drinks from the bar will be available for the evening.

A limited number of food and beverage options will be offered, including craft cocktails, beer, wine and more.

“Food Club Atlantic is all about sharing our friends and our family with a meal,” Dutka said.

“We want to be a place where the food comes first, so that everyone is able to experience it together and enjoy it on their own terms.”

Food club memberships are $99 for adults, $99.99 for children ages 4 to 12, $59.99, $39.99 and $22.99.

Food club members who are 21 or older can purchase an individual membership for $199.

The $49.99 membership includes unlimited use of the restaurant’s restaurant and bar.

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