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FOOD AND DRINK: The students of Dublin University have found themselves in a bind over what to do about their food preferences.

They want to eat out, but don’t want to spend money on pricey dining halls or restaurants that aren’t vegetarian.

There is also the issue of whether it is ethical to cook at home, but many students don’t have the stomach for that, and are instead sticking to the menu at home.

It is a problem that many people, particularly those with a university background, have faced in their own lives.

In the Irish language, the word “lager” means “liquor”.

The word “drum” means a piece of wood.

The word is used to refer to something that is played, as in a “dance”.

The students decided to call themselves the Dublin Lager Club, and they are organising an “eat-in” every Monday night, during which they will offer up to two courses of beer, cider or cider and beer, on tap.

They are hoping that this will be a new trend in Irish culture.

They have also created a “litter box” for the students and invited people from all over the city to share their favourite foods, as well as offering some local craft beer and wine.

“We are not trying to change anyone’s culture, but to bring people together and show people what’s possible,” said Liam Buckley, the club’s head chef and the person who brought the idea to the students.

The students have put together a website, which has attracted over 200,000 hits, and even a Facebook page where they are sharing recipes.

“The idea was to invite people from different backgrounds, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Buckley said.

The idea of a beer and cider club is not a new one.

In Ireland, there is an annual festival known as “Lagavulin”, and the students plan to have the same event at Dublin University’s St Mary’s College on February 10.

“A lot of people in Dublin have gone out for a beer,” Buckley told the students on Thursday.

“It’s just that some people aren’t aware of what it’s like to go out and enjoy a beer with your mates, and a lot of the things we’re doing are for those people.”

He said he hopes the students’ concept will inspire people to go and eat in a bar and not at home alone.

“This is going to help to make the Irish people more aware of food and drink and a place where they can have fun and enjoy themselves,” Buckley added.

The “drink in a pub” concept is being welcomed by the Irish population.

A poll conducted by the University of Dublin in April found that 40 per cent of respondents felt they were better off having their food and drinks in the pub rather than on the dinner table.

Some students have been asking for a change to the current dining halls, which are usually expensive, and to allow them to eat at home instead.

“There’s a real hunger in Ireland for more options and more choices in terms of what we eat and drink,” Buckley explained.

“People in Ireland are not having that kind of freedom, they’re not having the choice to have a good meal at home or a decent meal out.

We’ve got to take a different approach to what we want to do, and we’re hoping that people will embrace it and join us.”

The students are hoping the new idea will also inspire other people to be more adventurous, and take up their own hobby.

“I’m sure we’ll get a lot more people joining us, it’s a really good idea,” Buckley remarked.