Indica food club has a food problem

Food is one of the few essentials that people can rely on in India.

Many people still depend on it for their basic needs and the country has one of Asia’s biggest food-security problems.

That is why a private food club is in the making.

It is called Indica Food Club, and its founder and owner, Anzal, has been raising awareness about the need for a healthy food supply.

“I had a dream that I would become a food chef, but then my life changed when I was in college,” he says.

“In college, I did not have any time for my own food and was so busy with studies that I could not give it my all.

So I decided to open a food club.

The first meal I ever made was at a private club and I never imagined I would open a restaurant, but it’s actually quite a big success.”

Anzlada, who is from Bihar, started the Indica Club in 2012 with the support of his parents and friends.

“We realised that we need a place for people to meet, to eat, and to have fun,” he adds.

The food club now has more than 600 members and more than a dozen restaurants, including a restaurant in the city of Chennai.

“There is a big demand for food at the club.

It attracts people from different parts of the country.

People from Delhi, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andorra, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan all come for lunch,” says Anzolada.

But even as the food club expands, it is still in the process of creating a restaurant that can cater to the growing demand for Indian cuisine.

“People are looking for a different food, not just for lunch.

They are also looking for fresh, healthy, delicious food, and they are very hungry for it,” he explains.

Anzale’s team is working on the restaurant’s menu and is planning to open one soon.

Indica has already taken the first step towards becoming a restaurant.

It has built the restaurant into a catering business and has now partnered with a local eatery to create the Indicas first menu.

The restaurant has already been tested and certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and will be launched in a few months.

Indicatas first restaurant will also cater to people who want to sample Indian food at home.

“The Indica club is a place where people can come to eat with their family members and friends and also get to sample our Indian food.

This is a perfect way for us to grow the Indicas food brand in India,” Anzalyas father-in-law Rajesh said.

Anza is one such customer who has been joining the Indiacas restaurant since the beginning.

“Now I will definitely come for our lunch once a month.

The menu will be prepared in the kitchen and it will have different dishes.

The menus will also be served by our own cooks,” he said.

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