How a birthday party turned into an artisan food revolution

A birthday party in a village in south-east China has become an artisanal food revolution.

The organisers say it is the first time they have created an event that can be seen as a festival.

The food is handmade by people, usually children, in the village of Guohua.

A small batch of traditional flour and rice is prepared at a small, open-air market, and the guests gather to taste, to share and to discuss.

It is a celebration of food, and it has turned into a major cultural event.

Organisers say it has created a new culture of food-making.

The party was the first event of its kind in China.

The idea of a birthday festival came to the organisers after they saw a local boy playing with a toy dog at a party.

The boy had a little dog, a cat and a monkey, and he said, ‘It is good to have a pet.

It makes life a bit easier, so I bought a dog.’

The party has spread to other villages, including the capital Beijing, and has been going for over a month.

The event has become such a big phenomenon that Guohuatai Festival organisers are planning to have it held in other cities, including Shanghai.

In addition to traditional rice, traditional Chinese food and traditional medicines, the guests also enjoy food from artisan producers.

It has become so popular, the organisers have started collecting money to pay for new equipment and equipment costs.

The main difference between the traditional celebration and the festival today is that in the old days, people would take their dogs with them to the event.’

The idea is to get people to be a part of this cultural event, to become part of the people.

And we hope that we can bring together a lot of people who are from different parts of China,’ said Guohuyai Festival organizer Wang Yan.

The festival was organised by Guohuan Academy of Arts and Technology in Shenzhen, China.

Its aim is to promote the arts in the area and to raise awareness of the local food culture.

Guohuai Festival organizers say the idea of an artisan festival came about after the local village saw a boy playing on a toy cat at a birthday celebration.

They wanted to create a birthday tradition where they would share the food and experience the people’s passion for food.

It’s a celebration that has turned from a party to a cultural event and the party has become a big cultural event in the community.’

It has been a cultural celebration for the entire village and now it is growing into a big festival,’ said Wang Yan, Guohuhai Festival director.

Guokuai, which means ‘festival’, means ‘birthday’.

It is an annual festival that has been held since the 19th century.

The celebration is organised by the local government and has attracted thousands of people.

It is the largest celebration of Chinese food in the country.’

This is our way of saying thank you to our local village,’ said Zhang Huikang, Guokuay Festival organiser.

The festivities have taken on a life of their own as the village has become more diverse and the culture has spread from the capital, Beijing, to neighbouring provinces.

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