How much will the new food club costs?

The Food Club, a new food and drink voucher program launched by KFC, offers members a chance to spend up to $25 per month on a single meal at a restaurant, bar, or bar-and-table spot.

Members can also redeem their vouchers for drinks and food.

The program has been in testing since last year, and the program has already been embraced by a number of restaurants and bars, including the likes of the French Bistro and the French Quarter.

However, it was initially rolled out only in a handful of cities, and now the program is set to be rolled out nationwide.

For a limited time, KFC is offering a limited number of food and beverage vouchers for the new program.

The voucher is only available at KFCs flagship outlets, and it will expire on June 30.

KFC will be offering a coupon code to get 10% off a meal, so if you are looking for a good value, you can redeem the coupon for 10% of your total KFC vouchers at the locations.KFC will also be offering vouchers for a limited amount of time at participating KFC restaurants nationwide.

To redeem your vouchers at a KFC restaurant, simply enter the code on the form above and select the number of vouchers you want to redeem.

To redeem your KFC voucher, simply open the voucher and select “KFC.”KFC members will be able to redeem their coupons for a variety of beverages and food items.

For example, you could redeem a $5 voucher for a $1 drink at the French Quarters, or a $10 voucher for two complimentary glasses of wine at the Ritz-Carlton.

You could also redeem a voucher for an order of six chicken wings for a meal at the L’Oréal Parisian, or redeem a five-ounce bottle of Bud Light for a free drink.

The KFC Food Club is available to new and existing KFC members only.KFTC members will also have a limited opportunity to redeem a portion of their vouchers at other participating KFTC locations.

To qualify, you must be a current KFC member or a KFFC Gold member.

The program is available at all participating KFS and KFC locations.

The full list of participating KFB locations is below.KFB Locations:Alphabet City, Alabama: KFC Burger Bar and Grill (2 locations)Albany, Alabama (2 location): KFC KFC Grill and Bistros (2)Atlanta, Georgia: KFRC (2 restaurants)Alton, Alabama(2 locations): KFHC (2 places)Auburn, Alabama – KFC Club Cafe and Grill- (2/3)Birmingham, Alabama- KFC (2KFC locations)Boone, Georgia (2 KFC location)Brookhaven, Georgia- KFCC (2kfc locations)Buckeye, Alabama:(2 locations)- KFCKFC Club (2,3KFC restaurants)Charlotte, North Carolina(2 location)- KFLC (2 restaurant locations)Chattanooga, Tennessee- KFS Club (KFC location)(2 KFS locations)- MFC Clubhouse (2 dining locations)- OLCKFC (3 restaurants)Columbia, South Carolina- KFFCC (1 KFC)Columbus, Ohio- KFK (1 location)Davenport, Iowa(2 KFranch locations)-KFC KFW (2 eateries)Davie, Arkansas- KFW Club (1/2 KFW locations)- RBC Clubhouse and Grill(2/2)East Nashville, Tennessee(2kFC locations)-MFC ClubHouse (2-location)Eagle Creek, Georgia(2 restaurants)- KFB Club (4 restaurants)El Paso, Texas- KFO Club (3 locations)Elkhart, Indiana(2KFS locations)Edina, Minnesota(2,4KFS restaurants)-MFKFC (1,2 KFF locations)-Northeast Nashville, North Carver County, Southwestern Kansas City, Kansas(2 sites)- KFW Clubs and Clubs (1KFC sites)-OLCK Clubhouse(1,3kfc sites)-KFFC Club House and Grill-(2 K Franch locations)Orlando, Florida- KFBKFC(2-KFC venues)-KFB Clubhouse at the Marriott (3 KFC sites)Portage, Indiana- KFPKFCClub (1-K Franch location)Pinellas County, Florida(2 site)- KFF Club (8 KFC venues)Porterville, Georgia:(2 location)(2 restaurant sites)Portland, Oregon- KFLKFC, (1 restaurant location)- MFL ClubHouse, (2 venues)- OFL Club (7 KFC businesses)Puerto Rico(2site)- KFSK

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