What to look out for when shopping for vegan food at Costco and Walmart

Posted by The Wall St. Journal on Wednesday, July 10, 2018 07:33:30Costco and Walmart are now offering vegan food to their customers, in a move that many foodies are applauding.

As of Thursday, consumers can shop for vegan foods at Costco, and Walmart, at both locations in the United States.

The Costco site lists vegan-friendly products, including the items mentioned above, as well as a number of vegan restaurants, such as vegan hot dog and pizza restaurants.

The Walmart site has a page listing vegan items and a selection of vegan-sourced vegan items.

The Costco website lists vegan products, but does not include any vegan options.

The company has been pushing its customers to look for more ways to make healthier choices in their food.

Last year, Costco made the decision to provide vegan food as part of its wellness programs.

The move follows the announcement of a new partnership with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) to offer some vegan options at the retail store.

The NCBA’s new partnership will be used to promote vegan products and recipes at Costco stores nationwide, said Mark Zaltsman, vice president of the NCBA Beef Products and Nutrition, in an email to the Wall Street Journ.

The partnership with Costco has been a big success for the NCBCA, which has more than 2 million members and plans to reach 1 million by 2021.

“This is the largest ever partnership to promote healthy food options to our members,” Zaltersman said.

Costco’s partnership with NCBA, which is the second largest for any retailer in the U.S., is part of the company’s effort to become more inclusive in the grocery industry.

The grocery chain has been trying to make the transition to a more plant-based food culture in recent years, as a growing number of companies have started to offer more vegan options to their shoppers.

The expansion of options at Walmart and Costco is just the latest step in the chain’s overall commitment to plant- based foods.

In 2017, Walmart started offering vegan options for its customers, including organic and gluten-free products.

Last year, Walmart introduced vegan options in its stores, including vegan items such as macaroni and cheese and vegan hot dogs and burritos.

In 2018, Walmart also introduced vegan products for sale, including a vegan hot-dog and a vegan pizza.

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