‘The Most Unbelievable’ Taco Bell in Texas is Now Closed by Owner after Food Club Suffers Food-Related Incident

The restaurant that has become synonymous with Texas taco chains has closed.

Tacos in Texas have long been a place for casual dining, but the Taco Bell chain in Houston has become the go-to place for a taco binge.

The restaurant, known as The Basque Food Club, was the second-most popular restaurant in the city in December, according to a recent study by the Houston Chronicle.

The Basque Club, located at the corner of East Lake and East Lake, had more than 2,000 customers a day, according the study.

Taco Bell is not responsible for the damage caused by the fire that broke out at the restaurant, which was located on the site of a former Mexican bakery.

The restaurant is being torn down to make way for a new Taco Bell restaurant.

The food club is in the process of moving, but its owner said he has no plans to reopen it.

“We’ll be opening up a new location somewhere else, and then we’ll reopen,” Carlos Garcia said.

“There’s no other way to put it,” Garcia said of his restaurant.

“We have to do something.

We have to fix this.

It’s really embarrassing.”

Tacobell said the fire broke out after the owner noticed the grill was starting to smoke.

The club is owned by Carlos Garcia, who said the owner complained to him about the grill, but he was not given the chance to explain what he had done.

The owner is now working with the fire department to assess the damage, but said he does not expect the restaurant to reopen any time soon.

The fire broke from a cooking grate that the owner said was improperly installed.

He said the owners have installed two fire extinguishers to the grill and he believes they will be able to put out the fire.

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