How to make cactus club and mushroom curry

The Indian food chain Bengal Club has announced that it will start selling its new cactus-themed curry dishes next week.

The dish is meant to symbolise the city of Bengal, which was devastated by the deadly fire at its Mahatma Gandhi International Airport.

“I have been thinking about this curry for a while and I was so excited that I decided to make it,” says the BKC CEO Vishal Tripathi.

“It is my hope that we will serve it to the people of Bengal in time.”

The BKC Curry is a mixture of ground curry and spices, with the curry made from coconut and tomatoes.

The bengals curry will be served at the Bengal Club in Bengaluru’s New Delhi Road, with its price at ₹7.50 per person for three courses.

Bengals Curry is the first in the city to be released.

It comes just weeks after BKC made a similar announcement about the launch of its curry in Hyderabad.

“Bengal is known for its delicious curries and this one will appeal to the locals, too,” Tripathi said.

This curry is meant as a symbol of the city’s resilience, he said.

The city’s new airport has been under the control of fire since the fire broke out in March, with more than 50 people killed.

The BKCA’s latest curry is a collaboration between the BKDC and the Bengaluru-based Keralite Restaurant & Bar, which has been serving BKC’s Curry since the airport was damaged.

A representative of the restaurant, Keralites Chef and Owner Shatrughan, said he was thrilled with the new Curry.

“This is the second time that we have made a curry here in Bengal,” he said, adding that the Curry was ready for public consumption on Monday.

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