NFL players to eat at the London food club: ‘We’re not there yet’

A group of NFL players will be the first to eat in a London restaurant that specializes in “the perfect meal”.

The London Food Club is the only such club in the U.K. and has its own food menu, as well as a catering service and a full bar, among other services.

The players are scheduled to join London chef Peter Jones for lunch on Sunday at the restaurant’s iconic restaurant, The Dorm Room, which is in the heart of London’s food and dining scene.

The menu includes “specialties such as lamb, roast beef, lamb chops, duck legs and fish, and a variety of appetizers and soups,” according to the restaurant website.

The London team will be joined by other NFL players, including defensive end Aaron Donald, defensive end Brian Cushing and linebacker Kaelin Clay.

Donald will join Jones for dinner, while Cushing will join the London Food club for a cocktail and lunch.

Jones said the players have “nothing but love” for the club and are excited to try out its cuisine.

“I’ve been cooking since I was a kid and I think I’ve got the best recipe book out there, I’m so proud to have a few of them,” Jones said.

“It’s a bit like a club for me.

We’ve got a few friends who are from England who we’ve played for, so we’re looking forward to meeting the guys and trying it out.”

Jones said he’s excited to host NFL players in London and is looking forward for his players to have an experience of a lifetime.

“The London foodclub will offer a range of services, including catering, a bar and a special event room, and will also host a series of events, including a celebrity dinner and a celebrity party, the club said.

The league has made a concerted effort to build the London area’s culinary scene, with the league offering culinary scholarships, as part of the NFLPA’s effort to create an ecosystem of culinary and dining talent in the area.

The league also recently launched the NFL Network’s food channel, which includes cooking classes.

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