How to Eat Out with the Fast Food Club at Varsity Club

By: Srinivas AnantharamanVarsity Club, the food chain that is the cornerstone of the Delhi University dining scene, is celebrating its fourth birthday this week.

This was the first time that the chain has celebrated with its regular meal, and it is being celebrated with a special menu of fresh food, as part of a campaign by the company to encourage people to get a bit of exercise.

Varsity offers regular meals, which are served at the end of the week and can range from three to five courses.

It offers a range of casual meals, like a roti with chicken and fish or a rotis with rice and vegetables.

Vidas food club has been catering to the students in the food court since the club opened in 2009.

Students can pick from a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food, and can choose from the menu that is based on the Indian vegetarian and vegan diet.

The club also offers a vegan option, which is not vegetarian but is based around vegan and organic ingredients.

According to Vidas, a portion of the proceeds from the club go to the Foodbank of India, which provides food and shelter to the needy in Delhi.

This year, the club has also launched a fund-raising drive for the food bank to be launched by the end on October 10.

Vidas also launched the Club Club Rewards program, in which students can get 20% off food purchases, and also get discounts on clothing and other goods.

The menu that was served by Vidas food service at the Varsity club on Sunday is part of its campaign to encourage its students to get exercise.

The students can also try the new roti that was prepared by the Vidas Food Club.

Vises Food Club is a popular food court for the students at Delhi University.

The restaurant also serves a vegetarian roti, and a vegan roti.

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