How to make a pizza and get it to eat: How the Reddit food club food menu evolved

Reddit Food Club is a new subreddit devoted to food.In the past, it’s mainly been used to discuss the best recipes and recipes from popular restaurants like Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, and even Starbucks.In September, Reddit FoodClub expanded to include a new sub, Reddit Pizza Club, which includes more than 30 pizza restaurants and more […]

How to eat at a kosher food club restaurant

A food club at the trendy Shalom market in Jerusalem’s Old City, a popular gathering place for the Israeli elite, is offering a kosher menu to guests.The menu is being offered by the club, Yisrael HaYehudi, which operates out of the Old City’s Shalom Market.It includes a kosher selection of dishes from around the world, […]

Toronto Maple Leafs: The best Canadian food clubs

By BILL YARLENENBY, Associated Press The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club is hosting its first international food club.The Maple Leafs, with their home opener on Sunday, will be playing the London Knights at the Pepsi Center in Denver.It’s the second time the NHL will play a Canadian food club since the NHL began allowing food […]