What you need to know about the food club that’s transforming London’s food scene

Food club LONDON has been transformed into a hub for the UK’s food industry, with more than 200 businesses opening up in its former location in the CBD.Key points:Food clubs are the most popular form of socialising in the UK and have become the biggest attraction in the capitalThe venue has seen a surge in […]

When does the food fight start?

Food clubs have been an integral part of the Montreal food scene for decades.Since the 1960s, many Montrealers have been drawn to them for their casual, affordable dining options and friendly atmosphere.But now, they’re being pushed back as the food club industry continues to struggle.The city’s largest food club will close at the end of […]

Inside Club Food, Club Passim: A New York City Restaurant & Bar Experience

We spent an afternoon in Downtown Club Food (CPC) and saw a new restaurant opening at the corner of Madison and Park Avenues.The building is owned by the former owner of a food truck and has become a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike.It’s a little off-the-beaten-path, but there’s something here for everyone.C.F.S.G. (Chocolate […]

Which restaurant is the most popular among the Jews of Tehran?

According to data compiled by the Lad Bible, the most-popular restaurant in Tehran is the Bani Moja’ Restaurant located in the basement of the Aziz restaurant, a luxury restaurant in the heart of the city.The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, according to its website.It is located in a posh […]