#bennys food club for children is getting a baby food license

The #bennyys food service company has announced that they are partnering with a local baby food service to create baby food clubs.The partnership, called “Bennyys Baby Food Club”, will allow members to purchase a “bennyy baby food” and a membership card for their children.The baby food will be distributed to the members through their mobile […]

How a birthday party turned into an artisan food revolution

A birthday party in a village in south-east China has become an artisanal food revolution.The organisers say it is the first time they have created an event that can be seen as a festival.The food is handmade by people, usually children, in the village of Guohua.A small batch of traditional flour and rice is prepared […]

What to order at the ‘food club copenhain’

The ‘foodclub copenhagen’ in the French capital of Paris has one of the city’s best-known restaurants.Its motto is ‘Food in the air’.It’s the sort of place that attracts people from all over, not just the working classes, and the club has its fair share of celebrities as well as a host of international celebrities.Its owners […]